The Economics of Life University Teaches You about the New Economic Order Planning Programs

Learn How You Can Maximize Your Personal and Financial Potential

You can benefit from the results of over 50 years of research through the Economics of Life Research projects. The researchers developed unique personal and economic planning principles, rules, realities, and models by studying the outcomes in the lives of thousands of productive, successful, and affluent individuals over two generations.  

The planning programs developed from the findings of this research maximize the efficiency, control, and safety of the attainment of your goals of financial independence and personal significance. The individualized planning programs monetize the research-based planning concepts through the use of guaranteed-outcome financial instruments. 

The mission of the Economics of Life University is to provide experience-based economic education. Doctors, business owners and executives, and other productive and affluent individuals will benefit from this education. You will have the opportunity to learn about and get involved in guaranteed outcome capital accumulation, capital distribution, and endowment creation planning strategies that will help you achieve your economic potential. 

In addition, the Economics of Life University provides personal development education that helps you achieve your human potential by enhancing your self-understanding through truths and key principles developed from the wisdom accumulated by Denis Waitley over 50 years of research. His audio album - The Psychology of Winning - is the most listened-to program in the world on personal success. His books and audios have sold over 10 million copies in 14 languages. As a consultant and sought-after keynote lecturer, Denis has helped Apollo astronauts, Olympians, professional sports teams, CEOs, and entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

The Economics of Life University also provides training on a unique brain function management system. It was developed from the findings of the Agent of Progress Research Project. This technology enhances your self-management and teaches you how to maximize your effectiveness in human interactions, business communications, marketing, and sales activities. You will have the opportunity to learn how to use the Panic Button Productivity App that increases your productivity by controlling your brain function.